About Us

About Us

What Sets Us Apart


Our reputation is our greatest asset and a by-product of our concern for doing quality search work, practicing the highest ethics and treating clients and candidates as we would want to be treated. Although we are a small firm, we have garnered more than our share of accolades.

  • Five times our firm has been recognized as one of the Fifty Leading Retained Search Firms, a listing published periodically by Executive Recruiting News (ERN). This earned our firm a place in ERN’s Search Hall of Fame. We do not know of any search firm of comparable size that has been more frequently honored.
  • In 2002, Bruce Dingman was recognized for his expertise by being profiled in Nancy Garrison Jenn’s book, The Global 200 Executive Recruiters.
  • In 2008, BusinessWeek.com named Bruce Dingman as one of the top 50 World’s Most Influential Headhunters.
  • The Chronicle of Philanthropy has also listed our firm as being among the top ten executive search firms serving non-profit organizations.
Record of Success

Over the past two decades an estimated 99% of Dingman candidates were still in place a year later, 94% two years later and many have remained in place over 10 years.  For over 40 clients using search committees, the search ended successfully, often with a unanimous vote by committee.

Making the “right fit” with the Client

“Quick to hire, quick to fire” is a truism. The proper investigation, analysis and process takes time.  To leave out aspects that expose management style, values, and personality match in order to make the search process quicker vastly increases the chance of short term fulfillment.  So we make the effort and take the time to do our work thoroughly, and the client may need to wait three months or more for the process to complete.

Other aspects of the right fit include determining if the candidate and their family like the area, agree with the compensation, align with career growth desires and find the aspects of the new job, employer and location attractive.

The Depth of the Candidate Profiles

Our Candidate Profiles are very detailed so that the client has a thorough understanding of the candidate.  The report answers the obvious question of job transitions, contains the results of both the Search Consultant’s interview of the candidate (usually including the spouse’s insights) and reference checks, plus the candidate’s written response to a Questionnaire which provides insight regarding the candidate’s character and suitability to the position. Thus when the client interviews the candidate in person, the client is already knowledgeable and can relate face to face with the candidate.